High Five Poker was first created by SHFL entertainment. The objective is to beat the dealer’s 5-card poker hand. Pai Gow Poker uses a 53-card deck. The 52nd card in the deck is a Joker. They can use the lone semi-wild card to make Straights, Flush, or Straight Flush. It can also serve as an Ace.

High Five Poker is offered at the Brass Ass Casino in Cripple Creek. You can also get an advanced version.

What is High Five Poker?

Six seats are available at the table. Players must first place an Ante wager. The dealer will then hand seven cards face-down clockwise, seven to each player and seven to himself. Each player will then examine their cards and decide which actions to take.

Fold the Ante bet, and you forfeit it.

  • Keep five of the best poker hands, and discard two cards. Then, place a Play wager equivalent to the Ante.

The dealer will reveal their house cards to determine the best five-card poker hand. To qualify, the dealer must have at least two pairs with sixes or against a straight player.

If the dealer has two deuces, player number 1 has straights, and player number 2 has a few or three, the dealer is eligible for player 1. What happens to the payouts when the dealer qualifies for the tournament?

  • The Ante bet pays money if the dealer isn’t qualified.
  • To qualify, the dealer must beat his opponent.
  • The player must beat the dealer to qualify for the Ante and Play Bets.
  • The dealer must tie or qualify the player to win the Player’s Ante, or the Play bets push.

The dealer will work counterclockwise to determine the outcome of any remaining bets. The house edge is 3.6%

Trips Side Bet

Trips side Bet pays for hands that contain Three of a Kind (or higher) regardless of whether the player loses or wins.

  • Three of a type pays 1
  • Straight pays 2/1
  • Flush pays 4/1
  • Full House pays 7/1
  • Whole House (Aces Full), 20/1
  • 4 of a Kind pays 40/1
  • Straight Flush: 50/1
  • Royal Flush pays 100/1
  • Five Aces (Four Aces With Joker) 200/1


The game is based on a basic strategy. If the dealer has less than a pair of sixes, they cannot qualify. You can fold if you have less than sixes Play-bet.

Playing High Five Poker at the Right Casino

When considering a game like High Five Poker, where does one begin? The Brass Ass Casino in Cripple Creek, for instance, has carved a niche by offering an advanced version of this engaging game. If you’re an enthusiast, you’ll find it thrilling; if a novice, perhaps intimidating. It’s a fine balance, really, locating a casino that resonates with your comfort and experience level.

Different casinos offer distinct variations, table limits, rules. Some may cater to seasoned players; others might welcome the uninitiated. Location, thus, isn’t merely geographical—it’s about finding where your heart beats fastest, where adrenaline meets enjoyment.

Understanding the Rules and Engaging with Strategy

Now, you ask, what makes High Five Poker tick? It’s the dance of understanding and strategy, the intricate steps of knowing your hands and playing them right.

A good poker hand ranking is your first friend, an ally in navigating the game’s landscape. Beyond that, you’ll discover a world of strategic thinking. When to fold, when to play; when to keep a straight face, when to bluff. There are guides aplenty, charts and cheat sheets if you’re new. For the veterans, there’s the thrill of crafting one’s strategy, a personal touch in a game played by millions.

Wagering and Paytable

What’s a game without stakes? High Five Poker offers a world of bets, each a different flavor of risk and reward. The Ante wager, Play Wager, the Trips Side Bet – they’re not mere words but gates to excitement, doors that swing wide to grand payouts or shut tight at loss.

And yes, the paytable. A chart, but not just numbers. It’s a roadmap of possibilities, a guide that whispers in your ear, nudging you towards victory or cautioning against a gamble too far.

Social Interaction and Enjoyment

Ah, the joy of a shared game! Six seats, six players, countless stories. There’s a camaraderie at a High Five Poker table, friendships born between bets, laughter shared in victory and defeat.

High Five Poker is not a solitary pursuit. It’s a social melody, where conversation flows as freely as cards, and the joy of playing is as rich as the joy of winning.

Final Thoughts

High Five Poker is not mere cards and chips; it’s an experience, a journey. With a Joker that dances wild, side bets that tease and tantalize, the call-and-response of player and dealer, it’s a symphony that plays to the human heart.

Be it at the Brass Ass Casino or a table in your hometown, High Five Poker is a call to those who seek more than a game. It’s a challenge, an adventure, a rush that pulses in the veins. Learn the rules, know your strategy, understand the bets, and dive into a world that promises more than mere play. It’s a world of chance and skill, excitement and satisfaction, waiting for you to take your seat.

Come, the table’s ready.